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Sunny Side Studio is all about making a statement- with jewelry. Expressing your inner vibrancy inspires those around you! We make it effortless to leave a lasting impression. 

There is an earring for every mood- showstopper, playful, mismatched, sophisticated or minimal. You don’t have to choose just one. Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or just put yourself in a good mood, we’re here to amplify your energy.

Go pick out your favorite earrings!

Working frome home in Sunny Side Studio jewelry called The Torii
Model wearing Sunny Side Studio jewelry in a mask during covid

Draped Up

from the

Waist Up

Zoom meetings and social distancing are our new normal. Dressing up when you're working from home, having a virtual party with your loved ones, or doing a grocery run is as easy as popping on a pair of Sunny Side earrings. Accessorizing has always been an important way to add the extra pop to an outfit, but these days it's a must!

sunny side studio earrings showcasing color and light

The power

of color

Sunny Side Studio earrings and jewelry online shop

The wavelengths of light, relate to frequency and energy to determine

our perceived


Color affects our

 day to day, from

practical decisions

to emotional well being.

At Sunny Side, our earrings are inspired by light to form colorful shapes that engage your senses.

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